Pirates, Police & Super Sisters – Magyar

by Cunt Incognita (Pina)

Sexism is a big part of the current world culture. Most of us are not surprised that the public spaces where we pee and poo are segregated by signs indicating male or female sex. Humans with a set of easily identifiable genitals – non-intersexed – and also non-questioning of our gender identity, accept this choice made for us without thinking. It’s as natural-habitual as flushing the toilet after we’re done. Hardly ever do we ask why we go where we go, hardly ever do we see this as an active choice made by ourselves, as active agents taking part in an oppressive system: Am I a boy or a girl?

We don’t see it as artificial arbitrary categories-spaces that we’re pushed into, we don’t see it as arbitrary artificial categories-spaces that we choose. We just open the door and enter.

When speaking of clear signs of structural sexism within the (so called) radical left scene, many seem to still be in denial of the roles and projections pushed upon us, because of gender. The scene that speaks bravely and loudly of Revolution and Liberation, is in fact a scene experienced by many as yet another subculture, fitting in with the rest of the patriarchal system – and is therefore to the aware few, a space where oppression thrives without any resistance. Some don’t see the problems. Others see the problems and draw the neat conclusion that it’s too big – impossible! – to deal with. Many leave to protect themselves from abuse.

Pina’s recent experiences in Budapest showed that it was easy to shut a person up stating that “I’m affected by sexism and there’s an exclusion of radical feminism going on”. Instead of awakening curiosity and efforts to do something about it, the response was the usual “I don’t think this has anything to do with sexism”. And: “It’s your own personal problem, I don’t want to get involved. I don’t have a problem with this person.” And, “They don’t want to talk, so trying to get into a situation where you would be able to ask questions about the efforts made to exclude you, wouldn’t change anything anyways. They won’t listen, they won’t change. Nothing will change.

Collective action to end sexism, is still hard to find. Support and comfort for the persons exposed to the prejudice and malice is rare. Most feminists are damaged and neurotic by the constant bad treatment and disrespect. We’re hardly ever taken seriously; our knowledge is still easily denied with a: “I don’t see any sexism”, after which the subject according to the patriarchal culture, should quickly be dropped, and swept under the rug, otherwise the person exposed to the sexism is easily seen as an annoying harasser on a disturbing power trip with not only the aim to make life hell for a few individuals but usually with the intent to split the entire movement.

Structural blindness and denial comes from living tightly with the oppressive systems. If we haven’t recognized the systems within ourselves, we’re bound to repeat them. And since self-reflection is a bit harder than sharing mass-illusions – going against the mainstream will be a life-style chosen by few.

Musical break: Imagination – Just an illusion.

Entering the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy – Skull Adoring – Dirty Squat – Subculture that I’m a part of…

What I’m continuously trying to get to, is that there’s no use looking for enemies. That’s all a part of the system too. The only way to make something change is to have a real close look at ourselves.


(m) who tried her best to exclude this radical feminist from an open Morze infoshop event, has taken her name from a French animated series Les Mondes Engloutis (“The Engulfed Worlds”). She adopted the name of the leader of the pirates. A good choice, since the only female character amongst the pirates in the Hungarian version of the show is named Popócici which could be translated into something like „Bootytitty” (popó – bum, bottom; cici – tit). No wonder most women and men who get anywhere within the radical left scene tend to represent typical male features, when women are clearly good for just one thing. No male Mr. NippleNob running around amongst the pirates.

In the english version of the pirates, Popócici, is called Mass Media.


The man who chose to be Hungarian chief of Police seems to have been affected by the same misogynist culture. Click here to see what she sent as a NewYear’s greeting to her underpaid playmates in the Hungarian police force: Merry XXX-mas! And a Happy Same Old-Same Old!


It is no mystery to me that feminists and other women loose it every once in a while. We’re fed up! There’s no end to the madness. One way of dealing with it could be to start a blog, like the Sisters rewriting articles that piss them off, changing the gender in order to make the systematic madness clearer for the ones too used to the patterns to get fed up. The name of this particular blog is A pinam kivan! – a literal translation would be “My cunt is out!” – clearly marking the patriarchal mindset of everyday language, where being “Fed Up” is expressed by saying that your “Dick is out”: A faszom kivan. Using the same method as in the classic book The Daughters of Egalia – where the masculine loses its position of being the societal Norm, and is put in the category of the subjugated “other” – the system comes out more clearly.

As it does in the reversed blogpost focusing on heterosexism, where a swimmer is publicly declaring the rumours on her being heterosexual to be false.

Musical conclusion: Ursula Rucker – Supa Sista

Pina also wants to take her cunt out, in the same way as spoken word, hip-hop artist Ursula Rucker does in Supa Sista:

“I call on all super sisters to emerge from the muck and the mire.

Set the brainwashed-up masses on fire.”


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