You say you want a revolution – Magyar

by Cunt Incognita (Pina)

When in Hungary C.I. calls herself Pina

When in Hungary C.I. calls herself Pina

You say you want a revolution? How about dealing with oppression, and supporting the persons experiencing the violence, and at the same time deal with internal conflicts between the people who give support, and talk feelings and making an effort to break with gender norms? Well, this is all happening within Nane – the only ngo running a hotline for battered women and children in Hungary. Nane does not mention the stigmatized word feminism in its work. But in the training for the volunteers there are texts by radical feminist Andrea Dworkin on chinese foot binding, which can also be read from her first book called Woman Hating, available at the small Nane-library.

One of the intial quotes from Woman Hating:

The revolution is not an event that takes two or three days, in which there is shooting and hanging. It is a long drawn out process in which new people are created, capable of renovating society so that the revolution does not replace one elite with another, but so that the revolution creates a new anti-authoritarian structure with anti-authoritarian people who in their turn re-organize the society so that it becomes a non-alienated human society, free from war, hunger, and exploitation. — Rudi Dutschke, March 7, 1968

The revolution starts with ourselves- a thing that Men against Violence (Stop-Férfierőszak Projekt) have realized – a small but dedicated group of pro-feminist men, willing to take a step away from the regular male defensive reactions and dive head-on into some painful self-reflection. The collective has produced useful texts on everyday male chauvinism – the expressions male domination take in everyday relations, the forms of violence that are yet not recognized as violence. A text on this can be found here.

Well needed in a society full of open homophobia and sexism.


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