Finland – how to lose Friends and alienate neighbors

Posted by Pre Kaarina.

Finland is the product of idle Swedish-speaking elite of the mid 19th century. Devoid of any healthier pursuits the elite started to see something noble in the impoverished and sickness-ridden people in the bedbug-infested smoke-cabins. The Finnish common folks were too busy just eking out mere existence.

Consequently, the idle Russians had the same idea about their own nation. Because Finland was the Grand-Duchy of the Czar, the idlers from St. Petersburg got irritated by the autonomy of Finland when traveling to their summer cabins in the Isthmus and being searched by the customs by Finnish civil-servants known for their diligence if not intellect.

Due to misunderstanding, the national epic work Kalevala for both the Russians and Finns were seen as  Carelian, even though according to Finnish more recent study it originated in Western Finland. Russians may as well claim it their work. The Russian nobility saw their noble task to teach Carelians in the Grand-Duchy to be Russians.  Many schools were found to further this purpose. In Salmi the Russians shouted “Uraa!” (“hooray”) in a Russification festival. The residents of Salmi interpreted it as “urai” (=lunatic”). As well the Finnish nationalists wanted to convert the Carelians to be Finnish-speaking. I do not know if they were seen lunatics also!

The Finnish government was organized in military fashion so that the civil servants have much power. In case Russia would see fit to change the whole Parliament and Senate, the overall direction of the politics would not change. This made Finland permanently undemocratic.

Fiinland is situated in Central Europe right by enviable routes of trade and culture exchange on the Baltic Sea.  However, when Finland has been the borderland between east and west, Finland has been always regarded as periphery. Finns think that big decisions are first made somewhere else, in the imaginary center of Europe, and are much later adopteed here, if at all. Instead of creating new, Finns are satisfied with reacting, therefore being staunch reactionaries.

This reactionary position was so solid in 1906 that when the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy rebelled right outside Helsinki, the Finnish Social Democrats did not  join the revolt, missing an only chance to change world history.

In 1917 after the Russian February/March Revolution, the Finnish Social Democrats started to establish independent rule here in Finland, opposed by the Provisional Government in Russia and the Finnish conservatives.  Social Democrats failed so completely that they lost the parliamentary elections the same year and the Senate was formed by the conservatives. After the November revolution also conservatives became interested in the Finnish independence, which was declared December 6, 1917.

However, the Social Democrats were not happy that they first give an opportunity for free elections and then the conservatives win it. They start a revolution that does not get any support from the Russians and becomes the bloodiest civil-war in Europe. The conservatives build concentration camps which later become example followed by the German Nazis.

The Social Democratic party was rearranged on conservative and reactionary basis and they lose their meaning as a political alternative. Masses of  radicals flee Finland permanently, to be buried in Russian soil during Stalin’s purges

The conservatives turn to Germany and ask a German Prince to become the king of Finland, but he declines. Soon, Germany loses the war.

With the failed revolution and ensuing concentration camps, Finland has burned bridges with Russia and Germany was not any good for help. Three million semi-starved people next to an emerging super-power and no friends in the world.

What would you, in a similar situation not do. At least not start military campaigns against Russia. Private Finns formed an army and went to Olonets to fight in 1919. Probably the real purpose was to save the property of a Finnish bank, KOP, from the Bolcheviks. The purpose did fail, the Finnish rogue-generals did rob the bank of Olonets, but shared the gold themselves.

Finland was also providing shelter for the English fleet attacking Kronstadt. Seen from the Russian point of view, Finland was definitely a state providing base for terrorists.

Bolcheviks were so busy killing Russians that it took 20 years for them to actually attack Finland. Before that there were negotiations. To spice up the atmosphere Finland shot two Russian planes trespassing Finnish territory, a fact that is omitted from the Finnish history.

During the ensuing Winter War, the Finnish labor market is rearranged according to the Corporatist model from Fascist Italy.  Corporatism is nothing short of Feudalism, which intensified the class tensions in 1918.

In the World War II, Finland bets on the wrong horse again and becomes allied with the Nazi-Germany.

After the war, Finns elected Mr. Juho-Kusti Paasikivi as the President. He was the corporate executive officer of KOP during the time when the Olonetian war was fought against the Bolcheviks.

The history of Finland has been a total and miserable failure from the beginning. An impossible dream by some idle men from the Swedish-speaking nobility. The irony of the history is that at that time there was one nobleman that agreed with me in this –  C.G.E. Mannerheim, who has been unfairly used as the ultimate icon of the Finnish independence.


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