Four classes in Feudal Finland

Posted by Pre Kaarina

  1. Full-time employees. Trade unions prominently visible, paid vacations, health care provided by the company, coffee rooms and tea houses. When these people are laid-off, media makes a big fuss about it. When these people do not meet flexibility requirements and are unwilling to yield, their numbers will diminish in the near future.
  2. Part-time employees, temp-slaves, academics and artists receiving grants et cetera. These people often have to yield on health-care, salary, work hours and everything. Trade unions do not hurry improving the rights of these people and usually few people are union menmbers anyhow. Their way to wage-dependent unemployment benefits are virtually blocked. The employer can diminish the hours of disobeying part-time worker to nil so he/she needn’t even be officially fired.
  3. Unemployed. These people can be used as free labor. They are paid one euro per hour. No benefits. The clear intention aside from using these people as slaves is to retrain the drop-outs from full-time employees into the meek habits of precarian class. Once you have accepted to be abused as a free labor, you are stigmatized for life. Even statistics confirm that active employment politics does not help people into employment, still it is not discontinued. It is a good business for the republic and there needn’t be found any real solutions for the unemployment problem.
  4. Aliens. These work in sweat-shops and live in communal housing or very bad yet overpriced living conditions. They have no labor rights and not even human rights. Their widespread use has earned Finland a deserved reputation as a slave-market.

The principle is crystal-clear: If you borrow a book from a library, you will return it in as good condition as it was when you borrowed minus reasonable wear and tear for the borrowing period. If you hire an employee, the employer should be in the end of the employment period as employable as in the first place minus normal aging plus learned skills.

I do not see this happening. The employer is ripping the profits from employee’s back.

When there were private slave-owners, he could beat his slaves, but the slaves were no good for work the next morening or week after the beating and their value in the market decreased. Mistreating slaves become costly.

Now, when the State is the owner of the work force, the workers can killed in masses as has happened in China and the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany. Even though the methods are more subtle now, you are still worth zilch to the employer.


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