Social experimentation

posted by Daniel

Laboratory number one: take an anarchofeminist and put her in a small room with a computer connected to the internet for several months. Deprive her of all meaningful social relations. By reducing every human contact to “thank you for shopping at S-market” and “- how do you do? – how do you do?”, you can achieve the total dehumanization of a person. The woman will automatically dissolve herself in cyberspace and will have all sorts of doubts about herself and fears of other people. Touching, speaking, feeling will seem different, strange, weird, freaky. Manic depression and other stuff like this can come about… singular madness.

Laboratory number two: take the anarchofeminist and put her into a small flat with a second person who she met over some random activist mailing list a few months ago and fixated herself on, because of total lack of normal interpersonal communication. Take into account that the person joining the madness has experienced shocking, changing, disturbing effects on his life during the time he communicated with the lonely anarchofeminist over the internet. Results: endless talks of how the world is a shithole, how to save oneself and how to make a liveable community space, constant changes of feelings mostly coming in weird loops: love, love, annoy, love, love, annoy, love, love, annoy, sexual frustration and developing common traits of apathy and autism… the madness becomes dual.

Laboratory number three: take the above mentioned two persons and put them in a random social environment (Helsinki squatting scene, Budapest Infoshop, any random street situation in any capitalist country) with people trying to live their “normal” lives and them trying to live something that can be called a life. Results: strange new connection between people, constant reflection of the relation between the two persons and the outside world slowly merging into some kind of network continuum… madness becomes social… the world revolution is imminent!


3 Responses

  1. It seems that you´re blaming that anarchafeminist for mental illness (manic depression). Are you trying to neglect her political struggle?!

  2. and this blaming was swallowed up by this anarchafeminist without a word…

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