Long term plan – Food not bans

Posted by Milla

So after being in a total hermit-chaotic-obsessive relation with a dysfunctional social centre (one member recently, some days ago, posted an anonymous individual comment in “we” -form, on the About-page, where my attempts towards an open talk on what sexism is, and giving possible ways of dealing with it, was compared to a person pissing and shitting in a corner, and my interpretation of, and way of carrying out the anti-authoritarian principles /theory of the place in this autonomous web-space in exile (blog heaven expressing freely the social realism of sexist hell…) well. this was seen as me being a parasite. the social centre “group” was expressed to function perfectly well, with it’s way of excluding all “nazis, homophobes, sexists”… once again it seems as if this anonymous squatter individual – taking it upon herself to speak for all – seems to think it to be possible to escape oppression by labeling some people ‘bad’ and then kicking them out. apparently there is no problem with sexism in the helsinki social center scene… nothing in need of being discussed. “consensus” (majority) decisions – with two persons clearly objecting ignored.. – on dropping the subject for 2 years. everything’s fine and sunshine and smiles…
very often i ask myself, why i do whatever it is that i do. and many times i’m asked by others why i continue. since it’s clear that dialogue isn’t wanted.

maybe i’m nuts. weird idealist. stubborn kid. if it weren’t for the written principles i would have given it up a long time ago.

i’m a parasite with dreams of freedom. love. understanding. a parasite knowing i have a right to participate and have a say. no matter how others reject my reality or dehumanize me with their speech. parasite…

anyways. there have been many talks, and cold nature walks with (d). my mental health has been taken care of. and there’s also a long term plan coming out of this experiment of constant neverending work on communication (what is consensus; communication; love; intimacy; sexuality; community; life about? an endless blah blah mixed with fart jokes – definitely an affinity there…) the idea of Food not bans came up [based on: Food not bombs]. A friendly way of connecting and creating communication and spreading information for the curious and willing. Something i could do on a regular basis outside the new Social Centre. a parasite feeding the ones in need of community.

The oppression has been heavy on me. And I haven’t had really constructive ways of dealing with. A lot of aggression and bitterness and frustration came out in repeated “getting a machine gun”-jokes. And finding comfort in a page torn from a magazine, put on the side of a cupboard. Kali – the goddess of death -, standing with a skirt made of cut off mens’ heads. And Shiva (a guy) lying on the ground in the typically female submissive sensual way.

The death of Patriarchy

The death of Patriarchy

The image gives me comfort. It represents the death of Patriarchy, and the right to fight back. And the only thing for any sensible freedom loving sensitive male socialized being to do, is just to lay back and let Kali have her way. Women have a right to express rage.

As Valerie Solanas describes it in her SCUM (society for cutting up men) Manifesto:

The sick, irrational men, those who attempt to defend themselves against their disgustingness, when they see SCUM barrelling down on them, will cling in terror to Big Mama with her Big Bouncy Boobies, but Boobies won’t protect them against SCUM; Big Mama will be clinging to Big Daddy, who will be in the corner shitting in his forceful, dynamic pants. Men who are rational, however, won’t kick or struggle or raise a distressing fuss, but will just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and ride the waves to their demise.


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