Herstory 14 (scp.5 House2) Masculinist culture

Still tired when speaking in this clip. The film I’m talking about is about a guy called Ron English. And the Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse breasts can be seen here.

and this is taken from a web page, talking about R.E’s actions in life as very important for some reason:

“He started by setting his friend on fire.

To be fair here, his friend asked for it. Ron was young then, high school age, and he had discovered the art of 8 mm film. He and a group of pals were recording themselves doing wacky stunts, each one crazier and more life-threatening than the last. When one of the guys accidentally caught on fire, they stumbled onto a formula that took Jackass two more decades to figure out: people on fire are cool. And so Ron’s friend doused himself in lighter fluid and Ron rolled the camera.

˜The interesting thing about making the movies,’ says English, ˜is that they were silent, so you had to get up and narrate. So I would throw parties and have bands play and then, between the bands, we would come out and play the movie. It was like the centre of our social life.’

Ironically, Ron’s 8 mm film career ended in fire at an award banquet when the same friend, in an accidental encore performance, caught fire and had to be rushed to the hospital where he was treated for second-degree burns. From that point on, the only person who would feel the painful wrath of English’s art was English.”

So, when I say she sets fire to herself, that isn’t true. She was setting fire to her friend, not herself. And somehow the person writing the text above, seems to think that this is developing for humanity.

When I would state that this is yet another “out in the open” expression of how idiotic and violent and pointless and harmful male culture is. Well well…


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