Herstory 10 (scp.1) Siperia

Here’s some more info about Siperia social centre. There was a lot of open sexism in this place, both men taking more space and also verbal and physical aggression. I wasn’t very involved in the space. I came there to just be able to be. And meet some people whose company I enjoyed being in.

Once after having a discussion with a dominant man (#3, A man called Hemi, who can be seen in this click here: film, she’s the person with the curly hair lying on the mattress stating that there’s been a “house decision” about having me banned, hence no support… in creating an equal political discussion..), she said she could give me a ride back to the city. It was in the middle of winter and I appreciated not having to walk back. I remember in the discussion, that this created a power situation for me. I held back on what I was really thinking and feeling. She was fairly aggressive towards me.

Later when we were by her car, she said she was sorry she had been kind of rough. And I smiled and said “It’s okay.” Or something such.

I thought about it. It was there in my mind all the time. That the behavior I had been exposed to was about male privilege (this man always turned discussions about oppression, or women like myself sharing our individual experiences adding to the collective body of pain. this man always started talking about that she as a white person also having been exposed to racism, or sexism, or so on so on. there was never a listening welcoming atmosphere to the reality of women as oppressed by men in this society – statements like these were mostly taken in as “gross generalizations” that might even be “dangerous thinking” not good to express out loud.)

The next time I talked to this man. That just because I was in some sort of “dependent” situation. She giving me a ride. I had not been honest. And I pointed out the statements that I had seen as sexist the last time we had discussed.

The time I had in Siperia was about me allowing myself to be as honest as possible. This is still a process I am in. Giving myself the right to exist.


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