update – solidarity statement for dec13

Solidarity statement

I was really thinking a lot about this. I wanted it to have some structure, some generalizations, theory or whatever… but i’ve finally decided to make it as simple as it can be, cause there are a lot of unclear things for me in this whole experience, so i’m just going to stick to what is sure. I first read Milla’s writings on the PGA europe list and was moderately interested: interested cause of their topic, but only moderately, cause i could not fully comprehend what she was saying. I always felt like i am missing some context, because i cannot put a real, living person behind it. When she made the radical exchange call-out on the list it was the final spark for me to get totally into this „Milla fighting for a better finnish squatting scene and to save the world in general” issue. I wanted to go to Tallinn at the end of october with my friends to have some fun, but i decided to abandon them for Milla and Helsinki something that is more fun than just hanging around: getting to know a lively person who you did not really know before with all her ideas, values, emotions…

We had a neverending discussion ever since. I can see that she is really lonely and suffering, party because of the way she is being treated, but i don’t see her as a sour person or somebody who is unable to communicate. She is very outspoken (this is one of the qualities i value in her the most) and not afraid to point out what a sad, oppressed world we live in. I view this as an opportunity to improve the way i’m behaving towards people and i am really dissatisfied to hear that there are people who consider her insight harmful. The only thing that can solve this problem is communication and this is exactly what is being swept aside. I really hope that on 13rd of december people who participate in the discussion about the issue will be open enough to actually hear eachother, to look at the arguments behind the frustration and anger and to try to understand. That is what i expect from trying to take part in this whole thing. To understand people, why they act the way they do. Needs, fears, motives, patterns… I cannot say much, because i am still trying to connect with Milla, the issue and people involved, but i will move to Helsinki at the end of december to try to work with Milla on making the finnish squatting scene an open environment and to reach an understanding. With myself, with my potential comrades and friends.

With love,

Daniel involved with the Budapest infoshop, currently residing in Vilnius


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