Herstory 8 – Kindergarten

so the chronological disorder continues. this film comes straight after herstory 7. and both should be before herstory 2.

To Fadeiah

Grown-ups and kids. Kids and grown-ups. What’s the difference?
Both kids and grown-ups see the world (our surroundings, situations and persons) through our emotions.
If we’re tired everything can feel difficult and we can feel like crying.
If we dislike somebody we might see this person as “ugly”.
And the ones we choose to love become the most beautiful in the world.
If we feel a lot of love, everything becomes beautiful.
We are all love. We all have love.
Love is seeing, listening and caring for.

So what’s the difference between kids and grown-ups?
The difference should be that we grown-ups should have learnt to understand our emotions. And understand why we feel in different ways.
There’s always a reason.
If we don’t get love it can feel difficult giving.
We grown-ups should function as guides and protectors of kids.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case.
All grown-ups haven’t understood what love is.
They haven’t understood how important it is to show it.
They can’t see that we’re all special little creatures of love.
They might even think that some deserve more love than others!
And even though you try to explain that this isn’t the case, they don’t want to understand.
They don’t want to listen. They don’t want to see.

That’s when it’s important that you believe in yourself.
That you understand that the love in you is important.
Your feelings are important and it’s important that you listen to them.

You have a right to be seen. You have a right to be heard.

As long as you’re on this planet, you are the most important person in your life.
You are the centre of this big big universe.
It’s important that you surround yourself with people who really see, listen and care for you.
Then the love in you will shine as bright as a star.
And it will be easy to show and give all the strong beautiful love that’s always and forever in you.


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