Herstory 6 – Prometheus camp

So, this was once again, an all women experience. Only women in the team. And only one boy participating in the camp. This was my first time, working in a team. And it was really nice. At first i was wondering what kind of structure there was, and what we were supposed to do, cause i haven’t been to these camps before, so the younger women brought in their own experiences, and i also felt total freedom in doing the things i wanted to do. Like talk about feelings. And introducing awareness on oppressive patterns. Like methods of domination. It was really nice to see how the participants in the camp really caught on to this knowledge.

The prometheus camp, or protu as it’s called in finnish, really made it easy to get into organizing without leaders. I remember we were talking about responsibility and workload and the roles we were taking in this process. And even though i was the oldes one, i had to really work on convincing the others, in order to get my material on the program. I really appreciate that i wasn’t put in a leadership position.

Hmm. i had a look at the web pages. and the info is a bit stuffy. “young people at their threshold to adulthood” “coming-of-age camps”. i remember clearly taking a stand against this idea at the camp. i really used to believe in adulthood as a child, thinking that some day i would become an adult. but it’s kind of like believing in santa claus. cause that day never comes. life just goes on, and you develop and change and learn. adulthood is an illusion, yet another societal role we’re supposed to fit into.

One thing i really like about protu is that games are a part of the experience. And also that every evening there was a bedtime story told (i chose to tell the story of Rosa Parks) where everybody lies down on the ground, putting their head on somebody’s stomach. In Finland, where touching never happens, apart from the first time you meet someone, and you shake hands, it’s really important to get people to feel ok with physical contact.(In a non-sexualized way)

one wonderful young woman in the team was marking mails and sms with a heart sign. like this: ❤ and i liked it, so i started doing the same.


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