one woman who signed the petition / letter is coming over on december 8th. i really appreciate her willingness to talk, especially since she seems to not like what (ever it is that) i do. her only issue with the conflict so far, has been that i should leave (m) alone forever. and after sending a bunch of sms back and forth (mostly me sending long-ish messages to her) she agreed on meeting. and i told her that i’m fine with leaving (m) her own space. just as long as her own space doesn’t mean that i wouldn’t have a right to confront her, or that that space would equal to the social centre. no private email, phone, fax, sms etc would be fine with me.

the woman was comforted by this. i don’t know if she was asking for herself, or if she was told by (m). as usual in this conflict hell, there are no clear messages going anywhere, of who does what for what reason.

i asked her to be in contact with (d) who is coming for a month to help out with the conflict / building community / whatever. so that she could get some kind of varied background. the woman said no, cause she’s not going to be involved in the project next year, and she’s busy. but i made a new request. asking her to write only one email about this. that (d) could ask whatever questions would come to mind, and this woman could answer whatever would come to her mind. she hasn’t replied yet.

i also asked if she was involved in writing the petition / joint letter signed by herself + 18 more women. since i haven’t met with anyone actually writing the letter yet. and i would really like to talk about some serious factual mistakes that are in that statement. (about platforms provided etc)

but hopefully she could talk more about that on the 8th.

and then i’ve been in contact with (d). chats. which is somekind of: working a lot on communication in order to build trust. i don’t really know how it’s going so far. but we’ve been talking quite a lot. and knowing that there will be hands on concrete support arriving, really takes a lot of pressure off. easier to remain somewhat sane.

and one woman was over today. she also sees the power structures when we speak about it. she has a lot to say, and i was encouraging her to write something on the blog about her thoughts and experiences. it felt good talking. she suggested to change the title of the blog. to put helsinki in it. so it would be more clear what place it’s about. so i changed it from “projekti sosiaalikeskus project social centre” to “projekti sosiaalikeskus helsinki”.

one man sent an sms that she passed on one of my videos to a friend. and that she’s going to keep raising the issue with people over at the social centre.

another woman, from abroad, was suggesting i should put some of the videos on youtube in order to get more visibility.


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