Conflict resolution group – from the inside

i got a statement from the most active (at least in relation to/with me) participant of the conflict resolution group.

the recent letter signed by 19 women, gave an impression of there being enough effort put into the process of creating communication / discussion around the issue of my exclusion from the social centre project. most of the persons signing this statement, have not been in personal contact with me, in relation to this conflict.

i’ve also tried to get conflict resolution going with some of the members taking part in the group trying to deal with the conflict (k-ryhmä). at least half of them declined having a one-on-one meeting that would have been needed for me in order to create the necessary trust for me to be able to do work together with them in this process.

here’s (he)’s experience from inside the conflict resolution group ( = k-ryhmä )

“You can also freely quote me in whatever forum saying that in my opinion, the conflict resolution group has not been a functioning tool to resolve this conflict because of a total lack of clear methods from the side of k-ryhmä and a mutual lack of trust.

Members of k-ryhmä have had very different ideas on how the group should position itself. While the group has been frozen by internal confusion, you have mostly handled your relations to the squatters yourself outside of mediation.

After this summer’s experiences I don’t think it’s even a realistic idea that a conflict resolution group should take a strong role in mediation, instead of simple facilitation – mediation is an illusion anyway, and in the worst case it turns out to prolong the conflict instead of helping parties to communicate.

I think it would have been best for all if you could have spoken for yourself, but since [you] couldn’t earlier, do that as soon as possible.”


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