same old

so (o) agreed on speaking with (d) about the conflict. which is good. at least someone is willing to do something. and i guess it’s up to (d) to pick up on that or not. it’s tiring for me, contacting people. because most just don’t have a clue how trashed i’ve been in this. and there’s the lack of sensitivity. i want to put info about how to treat people in my situation somewhere on the blog. but the whole thing just feels overcrowded somehow. i need feedback on it. to know what to change or add or other.

been making videos. feels weird. hoping something will come out of this. i do nothing else in my life. it’s really strange. conflict conflict.

but finally i got free speech. so a lot of frustration and anger and sadness can be put aside.

i’m a bit tired of the whole diy thing in this. i wish there was a total pro here, that i could learn from instead of just taking it as it comes. i have no clue of what i’m doing.


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