Squat prep-talk

(P) is coming over to talk about the last request ever made on getting a date for speaking about the sexual / gendered harassment i’ve experienced, plus the bans that followed after i spoke of it and made requests for support and solidarity (both on the internal mailing list, and later when i got kicked out from that, also on international lists).

i want a date set, where i can talk about this. plus have the bans lifted. plus talk about a possible structure for how to deal with the harassment.

this is my last try. then i will not play along in the “we want dialogue, and you – horrible woman – don’t” game.

i understand that there’s a whole bunch of reasons, and things in this mess. a lot of it has to do with sexism, and the refusal to have any discussions on what it is. (and that the ones in power – with no knowledge of it – get to decide what it is. and this causing unbearable environments to function in for activist women / men / others sensitive to this oppression.)

so. this will be talked about tuesday 4th of November. In Vuosaari. no specific time. call if you’re interested in joining.

phone: 050 35 40 595


2 Responses

  1. I think even a city like Helsinki is not too small to have more than one social center. So why do you think it’s better to spend your energy in pressuring the people of this particular social center to agree with you, and not in forming another group to create another social center?

  2. Hello Outsider… I do this because I seriously think I’ve been wronged in this. And all the mad hell I’ve been through, is something others should never ever have to face. I am not pressuring anyone to agree with me. Just opening up a space where it’s not only the ones who have taken on a lot of responsibility, and therefor gathered a lot of power and control over the project, who can speak.

    The scene in Finland is small and overlapping, this means that the ones who have control and power in this Social Centre project also have a lot of power and control in other places. So it’s an important “fight” to take on. The right to free speech. Accountability. But sure, if you’re interested in creating another Social Centre with me, then I’m willing to join. Welcome to Finland.

    ps. i don’t believe in outsiders and insiders. this is the thing that i want to get away from. i want spaces where we all can feel that we belong.

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